Sunday, September 14, 2003


Journal entry, early this morning: "All is peaceful. A quiet rain is falling on this First Day morning. I see myself as part of the movement of the leaves, the ripples on the lake, the sound of the rain, the gleaming droplets of water on the back of the chairs. I am part because I witness--I am linked through experience and appreciation to what I behold. And so I am to God, a changing part of Divine Expression as I participate in this life. How good God is!"

And tonight, late, my mood plummets as I hear that words of reassurance I gave to a loved one were used in a hurtful way against someone else. How I wish I'd fought the impulse to make everyone feel better! Sometimes the words of comfort that come so easily really would be better swallowed. Perhaps others sometimes need me not to comfort them. Perhaps in some situations I am meant only to be a witness to their struggle and stay connected with them in its midst.

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