Saturday, December 29, 2012

Let Us See What Love Has Done

Several weeks ago, sitting in silent worship at Indianapolis First Friends Meeting, I kept hearing the phrase, "Let us see what love will do," bubbling up over and over again from my heart. I accepted this as a gift of spirit and opened my eyes, looking in love around the beautiful, simple sanctuary. I saw bowed heads. Let us see what love will do. I saw the choir. Let us see what love will do. I saw families in front of me. Let us see what love will do.

I felt full of this loving mantra, a reminder to be here, right now, in the present moment, witnessing the movement of Love and its blessing.

When I told my wonderful Writing as Ministry class at Earlham School of Religion about my experience the following Tuesday night, they quickly pointed out that this was a phrase of William Penn's, the first governor of Pennsylvania and a weighty Friend: "Let us then try what love will do." Whether I was channeling William Penn or hearing the fresh voice of Love arising in the silence, that beautiful phrase has stayed with me in the weeks since.

Here at the end the year, I find myself reflecting on the movement of Love throughout my 2012. Yes, we have had challenges and tragedies--some of them unthinkable. Yes, we have had setbacks and frustrations: some of them carried out by those elected to represent us. But are we ending the year with more Love than we began it? Has Love carried us through the weeks, smiled in the face of challenge, and graced our lives when we didn't expect--or deserve--it?

My reflection here at the end of 2012 is about noticing how Love has been at work in my life these past 12 months. Are my relationships at peace? Is there creativity in my life? Do I feel close to God--close enough to smile and say thank you, and close enough to throw the occasional temper tantrum? (I believe God understands and actually enjoys those.)

As we end this year so full of blessing and heartbreak, let's stop for a minute and consider the moments Love changed everything. And let's hope--and watch--together for more of those moments in 2013.

Peace, beloveds. And Happy New Year. :)