Spiritual Direction

The communities of faith we belong to and the spiritual friendships we create serve as a vitally important link in our lives of faith: we aren't meant to find our way alone. No matter what tradition you claim, how you view the face of God, which practices you enjoy, or how many questions keep you awake at night, meeting regularly with a spiritual director can help you better understand yourself, your life, and your faith.

As we spend this regular time with God, I've seen directees heal relationships, let go of guilt, move out of depression, find new career paths, start businesses, go into ministry, recover from financial crisis, and find new hope after devastating loss. Directees often feel more supported than they had previously and gain a broader sense of God's presence and love in every circumstance in their lives.

I currently offer spiritual direction to folks all across the U.S. We can meet by phone, by Skype, through email, by sharing journaling and reflection, or in person if you're in the Indianapolis area.

All Are Welcome
In the Spiritual Directors International directory, I am listed as an interfaith spiritual director because I am comfortable with all traditions and practices and seek to support you as you more deeply understand the way your life, heart, and spirit is leading you. I've had direct experience with the following traditions:
  • Quakers [Religion Society of Friends]
  • Methodist
  • Presbyterian
  • American Baptist
  • Southern Baptist
  • Nazarene
  • Lutheran
  • Christian Science
  • Buddhist
  • Wiccan
  • Unity
  • Unitarian Universalist

My Background

A life-long student of spirit, I earned my M.Div in Pastoral Care and Counseling from Earlham School of Religion in 2008, with a special emphasis in Narrative therapy. After seminary I completed coursework at the Indianapolis Gestalt Institute to become a Certified Gestalt Practitioner, which I find beautifully supports the sense of the "arising Spirit" in spiritual direction sessions.

After serving for several years as a PRN chaplain at St. Vincent's Hospitals in Indianapolis, I started my spiritual direction practice in the winter of 2009. I am also a trained Bridges to Contemplation facilitator from the Thomas Merton Institute, as well as a member of Spiritual Directors International.

I have been blessed with wonderful clients who seek to deepen their faith, better understand their circumstances, and respond faithfully to the spiritual stirrings they experience. I am always blessed by being part of this good work!

I hope you'll consider this type of spiritual companioning for your own spiritual growth. It's a wonderful way to grow and deepen as we together seek to better understand and receive God's love and care in our lives.

Here is a link to my latest spiritual direction brochure


Spiritual Direction Q&A
The following Q&A may help answer some questions you may have about spiritual direction.

How often do I meet with a spiritual director?
The frequency you choose depends on what feels best to you at this time in your life. Typically I meet with spiritual direction clients monthly, unless the person needs extra support or has another reason to want to meet more frequently.

How much does spiritual direction cost?
Different spiritual directors charge different rates. I feel best offering a range of rates, from $40 to $65 per hour. You can pay any hourly rate that feels right to you over $40 per hour. For students who are seeking spiritual direction, I charge $25 per hour.

How long are spiritual direction sessions?
I meet with my spiritual direction clients for one hour.

What do we do during a typical session?
We will open our time together with tea and a bit of a chat to check in. Then we'll settle into a few moments of silence, offer a prayer, and begin to listen for the issue on your heart that is asking to be heard. We can incorporate special traditions you enjoy as well, such as Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, or silent worship.

Do you use sacred texts or specific prayer practices?
I love a variety of sacred texts but rarely use them in spiritual direction unless you feel specifically drawn to include such a text in our conversation. I sometimes feel led to offer books, scripture, or poems during time together, and in that case I will typically email you the links or references as a follow-up after our meeting has ended.

Contacting Me
You can contact me about spiritual direction by leaving a comment on this site or by sending an email to kmurray230 @ sbcglobal.net [remove the spaces around the @ sign before emailing].

Our first meeting--by phone, by Skype, or in person--will be free as we determine whether Spirit is leading us to work together.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope that wherever you are or whatever you're feeling drawn to do, you feel God's love with you continually on the path.

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