Saturday, July 28, 2007

Always There

This morning at 6:00am I was out driving through thick fog to take my son to his job at a local golf course. As I drove through the gray mist, a litany of regretful thoughts came to mind--past behaviors and choices I'd rather forget. Quickly realizing I didn't want to fill my head with those kinds of thoughts, I began thinking of God--God's love, God's reality, God's belief in us. Instantly my thoughts changed. I was surprised that instead of just seeing a mental door closing on those thoughts, in my mind's eye I saw them transform as light was added to the picture. That light was God. Suddenly I realized that God was there in all those moments, loving me.

I've heard that God sees only good in us--He is too pure to see evil (see Habakkuk 1:13.) It makes me wonder, does God still see us as walking in the Garden with Him? He made clothes for us when he realized our error (such a sad, tender moment in Genesis 3:21), and we seem to have "moved out" into a separate existence, pouring ourselves into our lives, our choices, our involvements, our interests. But maybe we're still really--in Spirit--in the Garden, walking and talking with Him, enjoying His companionship.

I have a real world analogy. I have two teenage sons and they enjoy playing their favorite video games together. When they are playing, they are totally absorbed in the game. I can come and go from the room and they may or may not notice. While they are playing, they make choices, create worlds, fight evil, or try to master a challenge. I don't really understand the games, even though I can watch them play whenever I want to. I'm just back here, loving them, making sure they have what they need. Whatever they do in the game, it doesn't affect how I love them, know them, and see them.

Do you think God feels that way about us, as we go about our daily lives? We follow our interests, create challenges, manifest beauty, struggle, live. Perhaps God, instead of focusing on the game we play, is simple shining love, life, truth, wholeness, and beauty on and through us in every moment. Right there, behind that easy chair. Right now, beside you on the couch. This instant, inside the whisper of that thought that just flashed through your mind.

Enjoy your day today, knowing that God's Light looks over your shoulder and out through your eyes, loving you, trusting you, believing the best about you. When things get stressful or challenging, remember that you have an immediate and continual pass back into the Garden, if you're willing to put down that game controller for even the slightest instant. :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Think Beauty

Good News Associates, an independent nonprofit ministry organization that supports people in non-traditional ministry roles, published this thoughtful article on beauty in its current newsletter. It's worth printing and rereading. And maybe a week long beauty meditation? Who's in? :)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Free in Spirit

What do you think those early days in the Garden were like, hanging around in paradise, having everything you needed to live joyfully, abundantly, peacefully? You had a companion to explore with, to cuddle with, to name things with. Together you enjoyed each day to its fullest point of bliss. And of course at some point each day, the most loving presence in the universe would come to personally walk, talk, and laugh with you.

What more could you want?

That's what I think of when I envision true freedom--freedom of the spirit, freedom from judgment, labels, restrictions, shoulds. The spirit still walks and talks and laughs with God. The spirit still enjoys the music of true communion. The spirit knows nothing about any casting out, covering up, or blaming of serpents.

Enjoy your gardening today! :)