Thursday, September 18, 2003

Leaning into the Day

This morning on my way back from taking the boys to school, I sat at a four-way stop next to a man in a little red sports car. He looked ready for the day, in his crisp white shirt and dark sunglasses. His left hand clasped the steering wheel as he waited his turn; his right held a danish he was munching hungrily. He leaned forward, eager to go--not anxious, not aggressive, just eager. As I drove past him, I thought, "How often do I so eagerly lean into my day?"

I love these early mornings--they are thoughtful, reflective times. In the many years since I started my business, I've changed from "hitting the ground running" every day to "spending a little time leaning on God's windowsill." The mornings are calm, simple. The busy-ness comes soon enough.

But my thought this morning was that sometimes, particularly in times of uncertainty and struggle (like now), I hesitate before the day, tentative but hoping things go well, counting on God to bring the right projects, to open the way, to calm the anxieties. There's a power that's missing, a claiming I forget to do, when I allow myself to peer through a cloud of nameless worry into the day (and days) ahead. How much better to claim God's promise and presence and lean eagerly forward into the day, excited to see what God will do, confident that we are helped and blessed and loved, knowing--and acting on the knowing--that the way will open as we share ourselves and our days with God.

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