Friday, August 30, 2002

The week, she ees almost over. I'll finish two projects today. Already finished one, in fact. I love that feeling of completion, knowing something is done, over, wrapped up, solid, secure. It's something I had control over (although I invite God's help), something I was able to put away in a file or folder and name it good. And yet I know that in the scheme of things, these continual projects are just part of the ebb and flow of my work life--I invest my energy in service, I use my mind, and I do my best. In that way, I feel connected to God as I work, whether I'm writing about OfficeXP (I have another blog called blogOfficeXP that talks about practical *computer* related things) or doing an article or writing these blog notes. Someday perhaps I'll also love the *not knowing* and be able to feel good/whole/comfortable even when completion isn't mine to control. For now, I sure like to get things finished.

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