Saturday, August 24, 2002

A few moments ago, I had to share some difficult news with a friend and I heard her reaction mirror my own: stunned and sad. When we get unexpected or upsetting news--especially if it's an issue that has touched our lives in the past--we often feel the emotion before our minds can begin to make sense of what's happening. I heard this in my friend's voice and knew she didn't hear anything else I said. I know how much I need help in quickly getting over the stunned spots so that my mind can clear to hear what to do. In this case, our friends have asked for our prayers...after much struggle, they have decided to separate and divorce. We can only pray that God will continue to lead them and stay close, and make his will and love known to them, together and individually. Who among us knows what is best in these circumstances? Only love, only God, only healing has an answer.

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