Tuesday, August 20, 2002

People on the radio this morning were talking about high school, the good old days, the times when you had it good and you didn't know how good you had it. Left me feeling a bit tenderhearted. I wonder whether my sons know that they are now living the best time of their lives. I wonder whether my daughter knows it. I wonder whether you and I do. There is no time but now. This moment, whether we're healthy or sick, strong or weak, happy or miserable, is truly the best time of our lives. God is near. God is here. Life courses through our veins. We breathe in and out, the common act of all living beings. The fact that we continue living another second more is an acceptance of a gift of life. Two weeks from now we may be tempted to look back and today and wish that we somehow could have held on to what it offered us--peace, sunshine, health, security, love. But that day, two weeks from now, will be the real moment, the real gift, on that day. Then, in that space and time, that day will offer us the best time of our lives. Wherever we stand, whatever month, whatever year, this day alone is the one in which we love each other and meet God. All other mementos we carry from the past are just crumbs of yesterday's manna.

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