Wednesday, March 12, 2003

War Fries

This morning an almost unbelievable story came to my attention. The U.S. House of Representatives have renamed "french toast" and "french fries" in the House cafeteria because they are mad at France. Here's the link: CNN Fries Article

Can any reasonable adult think this will take us toward peace? Is it possible that humans--so eager to be caught up in the passion of collective, self-proclaimed righteousness--can completely miss the fact that they are acting like third graders and fanning the fires of hatred? Do they not realize that they are modeling behaviors that show an entire country how to act? This completely baffles me. How I wish peace were our nation's priority! No, I wish God was truly first in every heart and mind on Capital Hill. Then the passionate rhetoric would stop and peoples inflamed egos would dissipate and we'd begin talking rationally about what we can do to heal the world. That's my prayer today. Peace to you all. -k

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