Friday, March 14, 2003


This morning, after rain and rain and more rain, the sun rose into a perfect blue and pink sky. About half-way through our drive to school, the sun made it over the horizon, huge and orange. As we continued driving east, the sun rose to meet us, filling in all the spaces in frosted the Indiana cornfields and spreading to buildings, through trees, over hills. I noticed, driving on the country road that leads to my son's high school (the same road where his brother and I had a series accident two months ago), that the people in the westbound lane had illumined faces. One by one, as each passed me, driving away from the sun, I saw their entire faces--brightly lit and framed by the morning light. For a moment, I wondered how that could be possible. And then I knew: reflections. The sun was reflecting off my car, reflecting off their rear view mirrors, reflecting off any surface it found available. The sun, like God, radiates everywhere and touches everything. Others are "lit up" by our presence, our passing, our smiles, our thoughts. Even in a dark car headed the wrong direction, light finds a way to do what it does. Even a life seemingly hurt and battered and bruised and lost is never outside God's reach. Don't give up on anyone, ever. God might be using you to light their faces.

Many blessings to you this weekend! :) k

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