Saturday, January 18, 2003

With Me :)

I want to follow up on my last posting real quick. First I have to say what we all know: God is amazing. Not long after I wrote that message the other morning, I began to feel a shift inside. A strength. A calm. By the afternoon, I was in full swing on my projects, making great headway. By nighttime I'd cranked out a major portion of a project and was moving on to the next. Today, three days later, I can report back that God has been with me and in me and his strength has surrounded me in my work every step of the way. I ask him for guidance and do the next thing I know to do to the best of my ability. I don't allow myself to entertain that panic thought, "How will I ever get all this done?" The calm assurance--and productivity--is a great gift, and it was--and is--there for the asking. God is truly with us, in whatever capacity we'll allow him. I want him in all ways, in all times, in all circumstances. Thank you, God! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! :) k

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