Friday, January 24, 2003

The Starting Point

I had a wonderful conversation with a young, dear friend last night. We were talking about the state of the world--these clouds of threat that hang over us all as individuals, as a country, as world. I told him that I believe that the natural state of all God created is health--and that we, in our own bodies, our families, our communities, our world--are built to righten naturally. Our immune systems attempt to chase away germs; our hair grows back; our bruises and cuts heal. In our families, upset and misunderstandings get washed away with love and forgiveness. In our businesses, mistakes and bad choices become part of the learning fabric essential to making better, healthier choices in the future. There is reason for hope, and it begins with a recognition and welcome of the healing gift God has built into us all. We will grow and learn and strengthen ourselves and each other, if we're awake to it and willing to apply it. And God will use our health to call others out from under the dark clouds and begin to allow the healing in their own lives in a new way.

I ran across this quote this morning that captures that starting point of healing:

    But where was I to start? The world is so vast, I shall start with the country I knew best, my own. But my country is so very large. I had better start with my town. But my town, too, is large. I had best start with my street. No, my home. No, my family. Never mind, I shall start with myself.
    - Elie Wiesel

Enjoy your day, and have a good weekend! :) k

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