Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Being There

Here's an idea I've been playing with for a while. We all know that the secret to relaxing is to be able to simply be fully where we are. Watching a ballgame, cooking dinner, sitting on the deck, soaking in the tub. Whatever. When our minds are not digging in the past or planning the future, they can be here now...and they can be at rest, receiving the gifts this moment has to offer. Even though I know this, living it is a tougher task. There are deadlines and barking dogs and arguing kids and ringing phones to deal with. But not long ago I borrowed a phrase from God that helps me be present whatever I'm doing. The phrase is I AM. God said to Moses, "I AM THAT I AM," and I must admit I thought that was pretty cryptic at first. But when I apply it practically in my life..."I AM petting the dog...I AM taking a deep breath...I AM driving the boys to school on this beautiful fall morning..." it brings my mind to the present--NOW--and frees it from the illusion of past or the promise of present. Sometimes I realize that God is here waiting for me when I finally return to this moment. I AM writing this, thinking of you all and wishing us moments of special clarity today. :) k

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