Wednesday, April 04, 2012

That look

This morning I collapsed into the big chair to begin my meditation time, hoping for a peaceful sense that would wash away the stress still clinging to me from yesterday's challenges. As I settled in to the quiet dark, an image began to appear in my mind's was the image of sitting in a crowded room, where Jesus was preparing to teach. I noticed the sense of quiet and stillness--is that peace?--that surrounded him like a cloud. The group still chatted and jostled, getting comfortable in their seats, leaning forward with questions, hungry for direction, for confirmation, for next steps. Jesus silently looked around the room, a small, loving half-smile on his face. He embodied such quiet!

He glanced over the crowd and, almost like a spotlight shining on buildings on a summer night, his gaze had an illumining effect. Each person he touched with his eyes grew quiet, peaceful, waiting. I felt him start to look my way and felt both like hiding my eyes and looking back. I sat still, and our eyes met, and in that instant I knew, like the woman at the well, he knew everything I'd ever done, and it didn't matter. He loved me anyway. The twinkle in his eye told me that. That delicious peace of perfect acceptance spread over me, too. I watched in wonder as his gaze touched every person in the place, and their hunger was satiated and their questions were answered.

Soon we were all sitting in perfect peace. And he hadn't said a word.

Now our meditations can begin.

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