Saturday, May 10, 2008

What Beautiful Webs We Weave

This morning early I took the dogs out, schlogging through the marshy backyard (it's been raining for two days) and stepping into a sunny spot. The sky was already a deep blue even though the sun was barely up...the trees and grass glowed a brilliant green. Something glinting in the sun at my feet caught my eye--it was a beautiful, perfect, spider web, stretched over the grass, catching the sunlight on its dewey threads. It was breathtaking! The whole web was only 6 inches in diameter, with rings within rings within rights. I stepped carefully and guided the dogs so we wouldn't disturb the spider's miraculous handiwork. Three feet away, I discovered another beautiful sunlit web, the same size, set carefully on the grass to catch the sun.

As I piloted the dogs back toward the house, I suddenly had an image of God taking care not to step on our webs, either--the webs we create that are our worlds for learning. This web has a conflicted relationship; that one, a difficult task; another a health challenge; another one, pure joy. Whatever webs we create in our day, we can know that God gave us the talent to create them and they have an inherent beauty all their own, simply because they are ours, because they have life, and because of the loving and careful One who is noticing and protecting them.

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