Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Beyond Fear

This morning I grabbed a little notebook out of my desk drawer so I could make a list, and I found this written on the top page:
    Look behind the fear and you'll find a dream.

I must have seen this before--and thought it before--because it's in my handwriting. But this morning it hit me with all the import of a major epiphany.

Look behind the fear and you'll find a dream.

I tried this out with some of the fears I'm struggling with right now. My work has been shifting--a couple of big projects are finishing up and I'm not completely sure what's coming. What's the fear? Financial instability. What's the dream? Financial freedom--the freedom to create from a sense of complete, secure joy.

That's a pretty good dream, I thought.

Another fear that's jangling around in the back of my head and using up energy is that I won't be able to really get Starlight Books off the ground. What's the dream? A thriving, family-based children's publishing company that specializes in top-quality books that that promote tender love and care of the earth and all beings in it. We will bless and be blessed by everyone who works with us and create the kind of books that become family favorites through the generations.

That's a really good dream, I thought.

Take a look at one of your fears today. What is the dream that is behind it? Safety, love and companionship, radiant health, financial freedom? The dream is where you want to put your energy, so once you see that dream, hold on to it and affirm it. And know that I'm out here, doing it too.

And where two or three are gathered, you know... :)


Diane said...

Yes, where two or three are gathered! there's great power in prayer!


Jilly said...

Fear can become an immoblizer, and dreams are the emancipator. It appears you are following your dreams, and that is always a good thing!