Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ageless Wisdom

Just a few minutes ago I was looking for something in a box on the top of my office shelf, and I found an unexpected blessing: books of my great-grandmother's, from the early 1900s. Tucked inside a frayed and tattered 1908 copy of Mary Baker-Eddy's Science & Health, I found this article clipping:

    "Business Woman" Has a Cure for Every Ill
    To The Star: If you have the blues, read the twenty-seventh Psalm.
    If your pocketbook is empty, read the thirty-seventh Psalm.
    If people seem unkind, read the fifteenth chapter of John.
    If you are discouraged about your work, read the one hundred twenty-sixth Psalm.
    If you are all out of sorts, read the twelfth chapter of Hebrews.
    If you cannot have your own way in everything, keep silent and read the third chapter of James.
    If you are losing confidence in men, read the thirteenth chapter of First Corinthians. Sir Henry Drummond's "The Greatest Thing in the World" was taken from this chapter, and if "Experience" will read this little book in connection with her Bible I am sure it will change her whole life as it did mine. She will find it a heart mender.


Thanks, Grandma Roos. You listened to your heart and clipped this out 90+ years ago, and it blessed me (and us) today. :) k

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