Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Prayer and a Thought

Sitting with my journal in the early morning sunlight this morning, I felt the summer drawing to a close. School for me--my final year in seminary--begins tomorrow. In two weeks the boys go back to school; football, marching band, regular classes all commence. This morning is a deep reflective and grateful pause before the beginning of the busy--and abundant--harvest time. I looked back through my journal and found the following entry, dated July 1, 2005. I wanted to share it with you.

    Truly, O God, I give this day to You as best I can, my Father and maker of All There Is. You O Lord are the center of All, the center of Everything, the Light and Source and Being in which we share. Each blade of grass arises from you; each breeze returns to You, each sound is but a love whisper from Yourself to Yourself. This is truly, my Father's world.

    When I become fixated on seeking my own perfection, focus on the Father's perfection.
    When I begin to worry about my forgetfulness, remember how God never forgets.
    When I worry about my health, lean into God, who cannot be sick.
    When I start to thrash against my flaws, consider how Hashem has no flaws.

    When I relax, the world is good.
    When I am tight, the world is threatening.
    When I am hurting, the world is dark.
    When I am joyful, the world is bright.
    What, then, is the world?
    What, then, am I?