Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Giving the Apple Back

I was talking with a wonderful friend over coffee this morning and the topic turned to the many ways in which we struggle with the idea of control in our lives. The idea that we can control life--if we just try hard enough, do the right things, play by the rules, and get a little bit of luck--seems to have something to do with that original bite of the apple from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Metaphorically I must take bites from a dozen apples every day! The temptation is always there to make the choice myself, to go my own way, rather than stop-look-pray-and-listen for God's leading on a particular decision or event. What I am learning--slowly, gradually--is to ask God about things before I rush off to do them my way. And when I do forget God (and I do more often than I wish I would), I don't run away and cover myself in fig leaves, but come back to God, apple in hand, showing him what I did and asking him to help me remember him first next time.

I wonder what the outcome of the Genesis story would have been if Adam and Eve could have trusted God enough to be honest with him and welcome him into the middle of their imperfections? I think God loves it when we do that. But if we're waiting to be perfect before we invite God in, we'll continue hiding and keeping him out. There's just no un-biting that apple. But we can notice--and be honest with ourselves and with God--when we do it. And that, faithfully done, sooner or later clears away all the blocks in our relationship with God--and maybe even with each other. :)


Tim Lindley said...

God would not have come into there imperfections; welcome or not. as God can not abide imperfection... he did find a perfect way for us to be perfect.

God is just and God is perfect...
and God is forgiving. but at a great cost; the life of Christ. but not at the cost of the perfection of God's charichter.

Katherine said...

Thanks for your thought. By my words I was implying that if Adam and Eve had been able to trust God and be honest about what they'd done, God could have met them there at that point and the break in relationship might have been averted. I like to think that God will meet me at the point of my own imperfection and help me dissolve, resolve, or somehow move beyond them by the agency of divine grace. :)