Thursday, November 21, 2013

Open for presence

It's a mystery to me why some days have a kind of squeezed feeling, as though no matter how many things I cross off my list, there will always be more. It will never be enough. I will always feel I'm "winging it," never feeling solid, sure, rooted.

And then other days things flow easily. Energy leads, God feels like everything and everywhere. Peace and security reign. What makes the difference? My diet? My list? My surroundings? Solar flares?

Which is the real me? I know the answer to that: it is the part of me that is not separate, could never be separate, will not ever for a single moment in my life be separate from God. My soul knows that. Oh my mind, if you're in fact separate from my soul (but how can you be?), would you please try to remember too? <3 p="">

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