Thursday, September 15, 2011

Creating the day

I've been thinking a lot lately about the images we create in our heads--or perhaps, I should say *I* create in my head, although I think it's a pretty universal tendency--and then react against them. For example, this morning I woke up with anxiety running around inside me. The images popping into my brain almost right away had to do with deadlines, and expectations, and responsibilities. How would I get it all done? I'd better leap right out of bed and get busy!

But I noticed that anxiety was driving the start of my day, and I decided I wanted to reset things and start over. So I prayed to release that "image of lack" that was making me want to spring into action during a time when I normally pray and meditate and do yoga. I wondered what positive gift would fill that hole left by the now-erased "image of lack," and a sense of creation popped in there.

Okay, I create my day. I've heard that a thousand times. Maybe today I can get closer to understanding that and seeing the effects. So as I started my morning, I decided to choose as a kind of mantra/affirmation that I have what I need ("no lack") to create my day. So my inner mantra was a kind of Q&A session:

    Do I have the courage I need to create my day? Yes.
    Do I have the knowledge I need to create my day? Yes.
    Do I have the desire I need to create my day? Yes.
    Do I have the support I need to create my day? Yes.

These questions help me fill that former "image of lack" with the very real tools I have for creating my day, affirming that the power flows through me to create a day in harmony with God's principles of love, peace, honesty, goodness, and abundance. I am hopeful for the day ahead, and look forward to that moment when I turn off the light, feeling "this was a good day." I will let you know! :)

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