Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dissolving separation

I received this small prayer in an e-mail newsletter this morning and it struck me how the prayer continues to reinforce the idea of separation--that God is great and "out there" and we are small and unworthy. I understand that the foundations of many traditions are in different ways based on this idea, but there are other ways (more helpful, nourishing, loving ways I think) of understanding the Divine that do not require a one-up, one-down mentality. The greatness of Universal Love and Light, the essence of all being, the love that loves you, expresses through you in beautiful, colorful, and varied ways, the unlimited creativity, freedom, and choices in your day. Through you, the Divine blesses, plans, works, laughs, cries. Through you, in you, and with you, more light comes into the world. Through you and with you--and in the world of your creating, because of you--God smiles and loves and laughs.

Here is how I would revise this prayer, from a perspective that does not separate, but joins. I am sure Divine Love receives both poems with great love, but listen to how one prayer lifts the person praying, while the other reinforces the idea of separation from God (which hurts...and isn't real):

    You Give Me Strength / You Are Our Source

    Anonymous author

    Lord God, thank You for loving me / Lord God, thank you for loving us
    Even when I turn away from You. / Your love shines through us in every moment, blessing each and all
    I am grateful for Your constant care and concern. / So close we are One, we gratefully and freely share your life and love with all beings
    Though I feel unworthy of Your great love, / Happy and at peace knowing we express your joy
    I thank You that through my weakness / We give thanks that whether we see your greatness in our lives or not, it is there...
    You give me strength, / You are our source, our all
    And in my wandering You show me the way. / And in this eternal moment, we rest, love, create, and abide in you.

Amen and amen. Blessings on your day, bringing light, love, and joy into the world.

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