Friday, April 14, 2006

Let There Be...

I read a quote from a woman writer somewhere once (and it's in my journal but I'm not sure where) that said, "Whenever you say, 'Let there be...,' something happens." This morning that idea is floating around in my mind and heart. The power of creation is something I believe God shares with us--as the Ultimate Creative Being, God has given us a share in that amazing ability to create what we choose with our days, our thoughts, our lives.

Sure, we can argue that something "out there" resists or rejects what we create. But maybe we create that too, by envisioning the resistance to begin with.

If you had total power to create something that was important to you today, how would you use that power? Imagine that nothing can hold you back; no one will laugh or criticize you. Your gift will be totally accepted, gladly received, and unreservedly successful. What will you create?

Here are a few possibilities that pop into my head:

    "Let there be peace."

    "Let there be love."

    "Let there be abundance."

    "Let there be health."

    "Let there be passion."

    "Let there be JOY!!!."

What do you want to create today? Roll the rock away and let it out. The world is waiting. :)

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Becki said...

Let there be healing.
Let there always be angels among us.

I'm going to try a little blogging, so if you like, you can go to my MSN space and read my first stab. It won't be up for a little bit, but you'll be the first to know.
mwah (you know what that is, don't ya?)