Sunday, December 21, 2008

Increasing the Light

Good morning! And welcome to the upside of the year. :) This morning at 7:04 am (EST) you may have slept (or sipped coffee) through the Winter Solstice. Now, thankfully, the light will increase, the nights will get shorter, the days longer. We have successfully navigated the darkest point of the year and are on our way to increasing light. I'm ready for that! :)

To celebrate the Winter Solstice, I offer the lyrics to a song I wrote back in 1995. My original vision was to invite the congregation to sing it during the candlelight portion of a Christmas Eve service, when the people in the pews turn and light the candles of the people next to them. (I love that.) If you'd like the music, e-mail me and I'll send it to you.

    Light My Way

    Light my way
    Let your brightness guide my life
    Light my way,
    Illuminate my night
    For the winter winds blow cold
    And sometimes
    I must walk alone
    Light my way
    Christ be born in me.

    Light my way
    Let forgiveness fill my heart
    Light my way
    Father, let the healing start
    For the hurt that we endure
    Is healed in love forevermore
    Light my way
    Christ be born in me.

    Ever the light shines on
    Carries the life, carries the song
    Oh let the light shine on in me.

    Light my way
    Wrap our world in arms of peace
    Light my way
    Blessed Son, for our release
    Let us look through eyes of love
    to meet your children, one and all
    In His name
    Christ be born in me.

May the light of Christ consciousness, the indestructible Love of God, and the hope and joy of life everlasting be ours as we grow in grace and understanding, sharing the Light we already are. Amen. :)