Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Manifesting Abundance

I awoke this morning thinking about the way in which God creates. He didn't sweat and struggle, push and labor. He simply spoke, "Let there be..." (A wonderful woman writer whose name escapes me now once said, "Whenever we say, 'Let there be...." something happens.")

I thought about how much I sweat and struggle, push and labor, in order to bring something about. I think the only reason it is hard for me is that I believe it will be, has to be, hard. It was there in my definition of How Life Works.

But as I drove Cameron to school this morning, I was very aware of all the colors around me. I had a thought: These colors are always present. The light reflecting off the objects that appear to have color really contains all the hues available in the universe. Wow.

Then the classical station I listen to began playing Aaron Copeland's "Hoedown" (you might recognize this as the amazing, high-energy melody from the 'What's for Dinner?' commercial a few years back). I thought, What an amazing piece of music! The notes are already present, and the composer lifted them up, selecting and arranging them and bringing them to our consciousness. That was another Wow moment.

What kind of day do we want to create today? Do we want joy, harmony, happiness, productivity, abundance? All those qualities are already here, within our grasp, in the air and ideas we swim in every day. We simply need to choose what we want, say "Let there be..." and give thanks like crazy as things begin to take shape.

It's all already here! Thanks, God. You thought of Everything.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Beautifully Said

I ran across this quote from Karen Casey this morning and wanted to share it with you:

Two persons love in one another the future good, which they aid one another to unfold.--Margaret Fuller

We can see the potential for growth in friends we love, a reality that often lies hidden to them. Through our encouragement and our commitment to them, we can help them tackle the barriers to success. Likewise, we'll be helped. It's within the plan, ours and theirs, that we're traveling this road together.