Friday, February 13, 2004

Images of Us

This week I've been thinking a lot about images...not the kind we see, but the kind behind our eyes, that for better or worse creates the canvas on which we see. Our images of God--father, mother, nature, friend, life, all-knowing-one, judge, Big Smile in the Sky. Our images of ourselves--children, adults, good, bad, hurting, productive, loving, learning, open, hiding, or revealed. What image do we hold of ourselves, and how does it connect with our image of God? If I feel like a silly child, will God be a critical parent? If I feel like a productive adult, is God an encouraging friend? I think I can start either by becoming aware of the image I'm holding of myself or by asking who or what God is to me today. It amazes me that the two are so entwined. God is always, surprisingly, consistently, closer than I think. :) k

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Whispers of Grace

Droplets of ice again the window * The cooing of a baby in the back of the santuary * A moment when the tears fall and nobody looks away * Kindness in snapshots, a woman copying an article to encourage a friend * Another woman, letting her know her kindness was noticed...

Sometimes I feel like I'm just walking around out in the world, doing what I do, when God walks up, puts his arm around my shoulders, and looks with me for a long moment at all the love that moves from one to another so naturally. Shared smiles and tears, encouragement, embraces--we touch each other in so many ways, often without realizing it. But God, leaning on my shoulder, reminds me to notice. Look and see all the love around you. What I've created here--it's good. Don't you think?

The created world, with all its outer struggles and hurts and challenges, is packed full of love, bursting out in a million ways. Yes, I do think it's good. Yes. :)